Life's a ball2Hello, my name is Mary Baker. Animals have always been my number one passion in life, so to make a difference in the lives of animals is a primary goal. I’ve never been without a pet of some sort, which has included: countless dogs & cats, llamas, angora rabbits, sheep, hamsters, birds and fish. The dogs that have been my family have included numerous Heinz 57’s, and breeds in every category of the AKC.  I’ve always been active with my dogs and have involved them in hiking, swimming and agility training. I’ve done extensive dog training and have passed the Canine Good Citizen coursework with several of my dogs. In the last 20 years, many of my dogs and cats have been rescues from various breed organizations or rescue groups. I raised a puppy for New England Assistance Dog (NEADS) and served as a volunteer for Labrador Retriever Rescue, MA for 15 years doing home studies, transport and chairing their annual fundraiser. I currently do volunteer and rescue work for “Must Love Corsos Rescue”.

In my previous lives I worked for The New York Times throughout the Midwest and then in New England, as a marketing manager for AT&T Wireless and as a magazine editor and digital content editor in the motorcycle industry.  With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA, I’ve had a rich career experience that has lead me to this point. Now I enjoy doing what I love most, spending time in the company of animals.

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